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Redland Green School is an ‘Outstanding School’.  It is because of this standard that we will always look to improve and ensure that the best possible opportunities and highest expectations are in place for all of our students.  A core aim of the school is to ensure that all students have access to their learning and make progress within a safe, positive and engaging learning environment, without low level disruption.

Ready to Learn (RTL) is a behaviour support system that encourages students to take responsibility for their own decisions within a clear, fair and transparent framework.  RTL was launched in September 2017 and is being continually reviewed and developed.

In this area of the website we will keep parents up to date with those developments to ensure that communication is as transparent as possible. 

Governors' Review, January 2018

RTL Data Terms 1 & 2

Ready to Learn FAQs

Detentions FAQs

RTL Term 3 and Governors' Review Action Plan

Achievement & RTL Summary Terms 1-4

Achievement & RTL Summary Terms 1-5

RTL Term 5 and Governors' Review Action Plan